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Fashionable high heels, wear elegant fan
From: The Dongguan Sinlung (raises the shoes material abundantly) Post date: 2018-09-29

Many girls especially like wearing high heels, not only because high heels can effectively improve the body's altitude, but also because wearing high heels can make the whole person appear more energetic and elegant. Today we will talk about how to wear high heels elegantly.

Stitching heels

If you want a stylish pair of high heels, try this strappy one. Shoe head is simple and easy small square head modelling, there is fine bind band adornment in the middle, wear on the foot can very youth decrease age.

And this kind of high heel still has thick the design that follows, can let you easily wear a day also won't feel foot tired.


If you want to wear high heels, but don't want your feet to be too tired, then you can try to choose a pair of high heels that are thick and shallow.

The toe is also the fashionable design of natural and pointed head, can thin leg not only, still can lengthen the proportion on your leg. The style of thick heel is not only good wear still not tired foot, basically any girl can control.

Patent leather shoes

Patent leather high heels have always been favored by many girls, pointed styles fit most women, and pale pink color can also add a lot of affinity for you.

In numerous high-heeled shoes, the sheet of patent leather can say is the most classic, wear on the foot to be able to bring full to absorb fine effect for you not only, and the design of its thin heel still can help you adjust body model, let you raise hand to cast sufficient between is feminine flavour.

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