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In enterprise management, the most taboo 2 managers!
From: The Dongguan Sinlung (raises the shoes material abundantly) Post date: 2019-01-08

The management of enterprises has become the theme of development, and avoid management in "people management" and "mediocre management", in order to make the enterprise evergreen.

Smart with wisdom is really not a grade, especially in the management of this. As Drucker said "there is no management organization, there is no organization and no administration."

"People management" the most dangerous

Recently, has several private enterprise management consulting research, feel: "people management" this problem restricts the further rapid development of small and medium enterprises.

One of the most able boss very feeling that I was the biggest confusion now has certain competence of senior management personnel lack has affected or restricted the rapid development of the company. The company recently in overseas investment is due to human problems, resulting in cost substantially increase the cost of investment projects, no progress. The cultivation of talents has become the company's next priority among priorities of strategic development.

The author interviewed most of several employees, asked the same questions:

You can continue to stay in the company, what is the main reason?

Most of the staff answered:

First, the boss's personal charm is the most important factor to attract and retain talent. Most people are very respect for my boss, and have feelings, the overall evaluation of the boss is: personal ability is extremely strong, with advance awareness and keen insight into the market (market opportunities), doing great courage, great personality appeal, etc.. These words are often appreciated by old employees, old employees know very well to the boss, together with the growth of enterprises, they are from the heart of the boss is admirable, but there are also many complaints. The general staff in recent years is a new concept of what the boss did not, it can not be the primary factor in their company to join the.

In section two, the company in the local brand. After ten years of rapid development of the company, are well-known brands in the local. In the brand enterprises, employees will feel a certain dignity, and the business development of the company is very strong, employees working in such a steady development of the enterprise in a sense of security.

Third, the company's rapid development and implementation of internal promotion, provides a platform for the development and opportunities for employees. Most of the company's senior management are developed from the grassroots, their training to the company that is thankful.

Fourth, pay and benefits in the same industry area with the same position or have a certain competitiveness, this is also a major factor to the stability of staff.

A brief summary:

Enterprise development to the present, is more entrepreneurial resources and market opportunities, and the intrinsic motivation of entrepreneurship. The spirit of contribution to the enterprise in the internal management of enterprises tend to rely on family appeal and lattice core employees and mutual trust, is more of a "rule of man" mode of management (or "meritocracy").

If the management is scientific, is art. Most small and medium sized enterprises for the old employees in the management of the art (emotional management) has done a good job, but a serious lack of scientific management, the "rule of man" than the "rule of law", resulting in the accumulation of a lot of problems, the small enterprises, the "rule of man" is efficient, large enterprises, still rely on the "rule of man", enterprises can not be run in our control system, will eventually show: employee confusion, behavior is not divided in public opinion, specification, enforcement, combat is not strong, lack of enthusiasm, talent shortage, low efficiency, high turnover rate, etc.. If these problems ultimately are not fundamental and systematic solution, will ultimately slow or hinder the rapid development of enterprises, finally can not reflect the art of management, may eventually swallow the operating results.

In the investigation learned that the owner before starting your own business once ordered to save a loss to the bankruptcy of state-owned enterprises, he was less than a year to let the enterprise back to life, create a miracle. But when he left the company, the enterprise went bankrupt soon. One of the reasons may be very complex, but let us will cause a lot of thinking, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises China fate depends largely on a "genius", is bound to the risk is too big, if one day he was an accident, the enterprise also can continue to survive?

Often "genius" the boss does not trust others, too suspicious, everything is their ", such management charge into the enemy ranks" it is difficult to cultivate real talents. And we found that most of the lack of talent of the enterprise, in addition to the system, system and mechanism should be established, with the boss of individual character, mind, personality, style and so close, we found that such enterprises, often around the boss who was the "villain", the "villain" always give the boss some "bad idea", the boss will be affected unconsciously, resulting in a lot of people have made the decision is wrong, it is really "villains in power", the enterprise restless.

This call: Chinese SMEs to quickly end "meritocracy" era, into the system and culture management, such companies will be evergreen.

"Mediocre management" is more terrible

The talk of "meritocracy" the most dangerous, this title looks, misleading, or even misleading, able to manage how is the most dangerous? It is recommended the appointment of mediocre? But in fact, my view is that used to "charge into the enemy ranks by" the rule of law "," not alone "rule of man", namely the individual ability without any restriction "ride", do not pay attention to the cultivation of enterprise with the core of "sustainable development and talent cultivation talent management" is the most dangerous. If he left the business enterprise.

"Mediocre management" is more terrible, verified from this point we can choose.

Britain has a very famous administrative scientist called Parkinson, he proposed the Parkinson law set people thinking "". One view is that the administrative organs set up a longer time, the lower the quality of candidates will organs. This is because the executive in charge of his subordinates in the choice of love, always choose those various aspects ability than their own people, in order to avoid in the future and formed their own position in the competition. As we now say, is pursuing a "Wu Dalang shop" style, "I am short, others can not higher than me". This kind of social mentality is not difficult to understand, just imagine: a lion can lead a flock of sheep, a sheep can command a lion? So the choice of mediocre, mediocre more mediocre, in the bureaucracy seems to have been It is quite common for the phenomenon. This kind of psychological inertia caused by the consequences are self-evident, low quality of the staff could not bring high efficiency work.

The quality of talents decide the quality of work, "mediocre management" is more terrible.

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