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There are so many kinds of sole original classification, and you knew about this?
From: The Dongguan Sinlung (raises the shoes material abundantly) Post date: 2019-01-15

Dongguan Yueyang shoes Wood products Co. Ltd. is specializing in the production of rubber substrates, including factory Meinai bottom, light foam etc.. The Yang material with its high-quality products and good management system, deep By domestic and foreign customers, products are exported to Europe, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries. The monthly production of rubber film reached more than 80000.

The bottom resistance

Light foam

Rubber foam bottom

The production of imitation leather rubber film with high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, cracking resistance, cold resistance, smooth surface, can look at the surface pressure of different clear patterns, and similar properties are mainly used for leather, leather shoes outsole.

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Our main: The sole, bottom to bottom, imitation Ottawa Meinai bottom, bottom, bottom leather paddle,Light foam bottom , Raw rubber soled , Shumeidi , Rubber foam bottom , Rubber sheet

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