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High heels is beautiful, you must first understand these knowledge!
From: The Dongguan Sinlung (raises the shoes material abundantly) Post date: 2019-01-15

Said the shoes must choose the fit, or bitter is their own, but a lot of people know that a pair of hate day high for the shaping of female figure can play a great role, so many people will encounter high-heeled shoes to wear the foot, but do you know how to wear high heels foot do? How to wear high heels to reduce the harm to the body?
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The benefits of wearing high-heeled shoes
1, high heels can shape effect on the female buttocks, legs and waist, let the whole curve looks more exquisite.
2, the high-heeled shoes is a symbol of mature women, it can not only improve the overall temperament, exudes a mature charm.
3, the most important point is that high-heeled shoes can make up the shortcoming of height, height of many partial short women often to shape their slender stature through the high-heeled shoes of different height.

High heels foot how to do?

1, wine soaked

When we buy new shoes, often have a foot, then can wipe with a little white leather interior, surface wet to dry for 1 hours or so, the cortex would not be so hard, especially for grinding feet, can be used with a wet paper towel placed liquor one night, will be improved.

2, with a wet newspaper plug

The foot wear shoes can also use a dry newspaper wrapped slightly wet paper, knead into the shoes rubbing feet, must be plugged, for a period of time will be eased.

3, wear Stickers / tape

If you buy shoes foot wear can buy a special wear stickers affixed, or taped on foot wear, over a period of time not so ground foot.

How to wear high heels?
1, wear limit
The high-heeled shoes is good, but not too long wearing, wearing high heels every time not more than 3 hours.

2, high wear limit

Try to avoid the purchase and wear higher than 2.5 cm heel shoes.

3, many feet
Before going to bed 20 minutes hot feet, can greatly ease the fatigue of foot muscle, but the soaking time should not be too long, the water temperature is not too high.

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