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Elegant women love to wear high heels how high heels look more beautiful?
From: The Dongguan Sinlung (raises the shoes material abundantly) Post date: 2019-01-21

High heels can be said that many women love the shoes, the high-heeled shoes can not only make height increased a lot, and wear high heels, the people have more temperament, so the high-heeled shoes become one of the necessary shoes shoe in women. So the higher heels are good-looking? The answer is no, because only the leg height and the gold ratio was the best. So in the end how high wear shoes is the best looking? See the picture below, you might understand.

In the picture it is clear that when the heel more than 12 cm, there was a calf muscle accumulation, thick legs phenomenon. When the heel height of 10 cm, is the most significant and long legs thin leg, heel in 5 cm, leg muscles relax is the most gentle, although does not appear to have a 10 cm high shoes were long legs, but the visual effect is very good.
 Shoe soles, on the bottom

In our daily life, in fact, most people can not wear 10 cm high heels, especially for walking or standing long time, so wear high heels will be very tired. General unless particularly short height, in order to make up for the defects of height, can not only choose 10 cm above the high heels. Then you like to wear such a high heels. In other cases, women are generally between 5 to 8 cm to wear high-heeled shoes, the height is the most suitable for the daily life and work height. 3 to 5 cm high heels, though not particularly high, but after wearing is very elegant temperament of the whole person.

Although the same as the high-heeled shoes, but shoes still have a lot of different. For example, some of the shoes are waterproof, if exposed foot wear it, the best choice is not waterproof, or is the choice of waterproof 1 cm below. Because if it is too high, is the donkey hoof shoes both visual sense, although there are advantages in height, but no beauty.
 Shoe soles, on the bottom

If the height is not dominant have wear waterproof shoes when you can choose wide leg pants or dress and shoes, will be hidden in the clothes inside, this figure will look better. Do not be waterproof thick exposed, it would be very rustic gaudy.

If the height is too high, it is not suitable to wear high heels, because it will make people have a sense of distance to you, in the crowd will appear too abrupt. So choose the appropriate height, is the best looking and most exquisite wear.

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